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Opera of Meaning: linking Space, Audience and Performance

From studious situation in the Talmud, to machine improvisation and hyper-film installation, we present a system for directed participatory performance that encourages people intervention and back-channeling. In the talk I will discuss how non linear reading of a text and plot deconstruction in an info-architectural setting may help distill the complex network of meanings and impressions hidden in a story.


Opera of Meaning (OoM)

To be presented June 12 in Centre Pompidou, Paris

Kamza and Bar-Kamza

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live participatory performance January 15, 2009, The Loft UCSD


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hyper-film version

Kamza and Bar-Kamza Project: Participatory Digital Storytelling by Networked Data Sharing
The Future of Interactive Media:
Workshop on Media Arts, Science, and Technology (MAST)

January 29-30, 2009
Santa Barbara, CA

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