Sound in Time

A collection of resources for examination and exploration of the art and science of music making.
Organized in 10 lectures as follows:

  1. Introduction: What is music, how it changes in time and space. From Ancient European, to Modern and Non-Western Traditions
    • Tradition versus Innovation: From perfect consonance to Noise (Palestrina, Futurism, Merzbow)
    • Non-European cultures: Heterophony, Polyrithm, Focus on Timbre (Gagaku), Gamelan and Debussy
  2. Basic Musical and Acoustic Terms. Technology and Science of music (re)production
    • Music theory versus perception
    • Introduction to Musical Software: Audacity, Ableton
  3. Listening to Noise, Sound and the environment: recording and modifying everyday sounds.
    • Music & Noise: Futurism, Recording Revolution (Musique Concrete), Synthesis Revolution (Music N).
    • Sound Ecology: Soundscape, Soundwalks

HW: Exercise in Sound-Scape design.

  1. Aestehtics of Failure: Glitch, Cascone
  2. Minimalism: Microsound
  3. Minimalism: Repetitive Music (Maximalism)
  4. Generative Music
    • Ambient Revolution: Eno and generative music
    • Lexikon Sonate
  5. Social Music: Group Improv, Thompson's Sound Painting
  6. Musical Games: Wishart, Zorn's Cobra
  7. Machine Improvisation: Voyager, Meta-Creation (MuMe composers)
  8. Music and Emotions: Affective Machines, Anticipation and Huron's book.


  1. Introduction
    • Attali, Noise: The Political Economy of Music, Chapter 1: Listening
    • Bakan: World Music: Traditions and Transformations, Chapter 1: What in the World is Music
  2. Basic Terms
    • Stockhausen, How Time Passes By
    • Sonnenschein, Sound Design, Chapter 3: From Sensation to Perception
  3. Listening to Noise
    • Russolo, The Art of Noises
    • Hegarty, Noise Threshold: Merzbow and the end of natural sound
  4. Glitch and Microsound:
    • Cascone, The Aesthetics of Failure
  5. What is Experimental Music?
    • Nyman, Experimental Music, Chapter 1
  6. Sound Painting
  7. John Zorn
  8. Frank Zappa
  9. Music Autonomy:
  • Bown, Eldridge, McCormack, Understanding Interaction in Contemporary Digital Music
  1. Music and Arousal:
    • Johnson and Cloonan: Music and Arousal to Violence
    • Some other popular scientific paper on Emotions in Music

Sound Ideas:

  • Music, Noise, Pure Tones: Raymond Scott Lightwork
  • My Bloody Valentine, You Made Me Realize
  • Rockafeller Skunk, Right About Now
  • Merzbow

Deep Listening:

  1. Stockhausen Kontakte
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