Kinect Aerial Dance

Axis Mundi

This is an ongoing project that explores the use of interactive Graphics, Video and Music with dance movement on ground and in the air…

When physicality meets the spiritual and action turns into illusion…

Moving between dramatic to sensual, the project explores the boundaries between physicality and imagination. Evolving in a computer augmented performance environment, this mixed dance and aerial work delivers a multi-sensory experience through movement, dynamic imagery and gripping sounds. The work uses 3d mapping technology to integrate dance and aerialist moves with computer generated art, telling a story of human connection to each other and to the world. The movement in space and intimate human gestures are linked to visuals and sounds with precision and immediacy that go beyond traditional theatrical and cirque-like performances.  Axis Mundi establishes novel performance frontiers in its use of reactive environments that bring new dimensions to poetics of movement, light and sound.

ZuzOr Demos and Rehearsals

ZuzOr ("Moving light" in Hebrew) is the name of the technology we are developing. Here are some examples of moves and effects that can be accomplished with it.

Kinect, Interactive Projection Mapping, VJing, and Other Examples from Around the World …

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Nosaj Thing

B-Seite festival 2011

Apparition - Klaus Obermaier & Ars Electronica Futurelab

Tigerlab Vertical Dance


Wushu Shadow Fight

Kinetic Singapore


BIPED - sequences of animation from 10 seconds to 4 minutes run discontinuously through the performance. The movements are largely derived from motion-captured phrases from the choreography.

After Ghostcatching - Animation based on a physical body through motion capture to create a disembodied dancer as a moving hand-drawn sketch in a projected 3d space.

Hand-drawn Spaces - virtual dancers moving in three-dimensional space with a spatial sound-score that evokes their positions in space.

How long - animated creature responding in real-time to the motion-captured live performance. The beginning of each move is indicated by an annotation. If the creature is unbalanced, it falls over, dragging its annotations with it, until it finds a new equilibrium and continues.

No Bounds

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