Shlomo Dubnov is a Professor in music technology at UCSD. Between the years 1996-8 he was a researcher in Center Pompidou Institute for Research and Coordination of Acoustics and Music (IRCAM) in Paris and between 1998-2003 he served as a faculty member and headed the multimedia applications track in the department of communication systems engineering in Ben-Gurion University in Israel. Dubnov holds B.Mus in music composition from Rubin Academy in Jerusalem, MSc in EE from Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) and PhD in Computer Science from Hebrew University.
His research interests include theoretical and creative applications of interactive systems that use machine learning and network technology for collaborative media and participatory performance arts in general and music in particular. Among his main contributions are developing algorithms for machine improvisation in a long lasting collaboration with IRCAM's musical representation team.
His other recent work is the development of opera-of-meaning system that revives through technology the Talmudic tradition of public participation in stories through commentary and debate. The system has been used in music performances, films, and is currently deployed in interactive television station in UCSD TV and UCSD Sixth College.
His theoretical research include audio signal processing, machine audition and machine learning applied to music with applications to analysis of musical timbre, machine improvisation, modeling of musical style, computational aesthetics and musical complexity. Dubnov's research results are published in IEEE, Computer Music and other scientific journals and are implemented in several music synthesis and improvisation systems.
Dubnov served as co-PI in several European projects dealing with semantic analysis of audio. He co-edited a book “The Structure of Style: algorithmic approaches to understanding manner and meaning” and produces interactive performances and films "Kamza and Bar Kamza" and Gilgamashup.
Dubnov is a senior member of IEEE and serves as a secretary of IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Generated Music (TC CGM). He is the founding member and director of a new center in UCSD for research on Entertainment and Learning (CREL) that develops technology for public interaction during concerts, films and lectures, and live and on-line events.

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