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Shlomo Dubnov on ResearchGate

In Deep Fleeting Visions: Composition generated by Deep Neural Network trained on Prokofiev's "In Fleeting Visions"

Performed by Shlomo Dubnov
First piece is the original In Fleeting Visions #1
Remaining pieces are generated by VAE (Variational Autoencoder)

Memories of Stravinsky: Improvisation with artificial musical agent trained on Stravinsky's Rite of String

Performed by Shlomo Dubnov, Introduction by Gerard Assayag

Mumento: Structured improvisation using VMO with interactive score

Performed by members of Chamber Cartel ensemble
With Cheng-i and Jaime Arias computer programming

Cycles Conference and Concert

Studio de Création et de Recherche en Informatique et Musiques Expérimentales, CYCLES, vendredi 24 juin

Dance and Gesture recognition

Recently our research featured on the cover of IEEE Multimedia Magazine.

Music Meta-Creation (MUME): Concert and the famous Cafe Oto in London


Machine Improvisation: Lecture and a Performance and IRCAM, Paris

Nomos Machina - Explanation Lecture and Improvisation using PyOracle, presented at IRCAM, Paris.
Geometric Sciences of Information, Paris, August 2013

Machine Improvisation: MuMe Concert in Sydney

Live recording from MuMe Concert in Sydney, ISEA 2013
Machine improvisation with PyOracle
Human - Left Channel
Machine - Right Channel

Nomos Ex Machina

Rehearsal with David Borgo and Greg Surges at UCSD.

Rehearsal with Ryoko Amadee Goguen and Greg Surges at UCSD.

PyOracle with Ablteon:

PyOracle is a new addition to the "OMax family" that has smarter listening / sound analysis capabilities.

Here it is used in conjunction with Ableton. For older methods using OMax see below.

How to use OMax with Ableton:


Open OmaxLisp application and its Max interface patch
Set audio to SoundFlower (Max -> Options -> DSPStatus)
In Omax do init session and turn audio on
Record or load a sound file or load an oracle
Play around to find good improvisation parameters

In Ableton:
Open an Audio track
Set Audio From -> Configure -> SoundFlower
Throw in some effects
Record to clip

Get Omax from http://omax.ircam.fr/distribution

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